Use Vertical Roller Mill to Process Calcite Powder Making

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                          As you can see, the vertical roller mill is one of mining equipment which is usually used in calcite powder making. However, compare with other calcite powder making machines, what advantages does the vertical roller mill has? I will share the reasons with you.

                          Calcite is one of a natural minerals which has moderate hardness, and it's a fairly common material. After be processed into powder for calcite can be used in the industry of artificial stone, artificial brick, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, coating, plastic, composite calcium plastic, cable, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, glass, paint, ink, cable, electric insulation, food, textile, feed and so on.

                           Process Calcite Powder

                          Advantages of processing calcite powder in vertical roller mill is:

                          1.Small footprint, save space costs, and easy to take care of.

                          2.High grinding efficiency, minimum fineness of up to 4000 mesh, and maximum output of more than 100 t/h.

                          3.Energy savings, compared with the same type of grinding equipment, power savings more than 20%.

                          4.environmentally friendly equipment to effectively prevent environmental pollution.

                          It’s a good choice of processing calcite powder in vertical roller mill. If you are interested in calcite vertical roller mill, welcome to leave your message on our website, our technical engineer would do more introduce of our calcite vertical roller mill for you.

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