Auxiliary Equipment

                          Box-type Crusher/large output crusher

                          Box-type Crusher introduction
                          The box-type crusher  is also called box-type hammer crusher. It increases the feeding space on the basis of the original hammer crusher. The new type hammer crusher can crush edge length 450-1400mm material into a 120mm size ore powder, but doesn’t plugging. The box-type breaker can be used as a secondary crushing, is mainly used in mining, cement, building materials, chemicals and other industries. Box-type breaker uses to crush the materials such as limestone, rock, gypsum, coal and gangue that the compressive strength not up to 200MPA. Besides the box-type breaker is necessary equipment for crushing stones. Box-type breaker is an improved product to hammer crusher, when the raw material revolves, the material is counterattacked or hammer blow in the crushing cavity, and against each other, increasing the staying time of raw material, making more raw powders. The box-type breaker is especially suitable for broking the powder materials, such as coal shale, limestone, gypsum etc.
                          Box-type crusher working principle
                          Stone material directly enters into high-speed rotating turntable through the top of machine, at the action of high-speed centrifugal force, engendering high velocity impact and high density crush. After hitting with each other, stone material forms vortex motion between turntable and casing, then through hitting, rubbing and crushing with each other repeatedly, until the requested granularity.
                          Box-type Crusher features
                          1.    High capacity. Box-type hammer crusher can crush edge length 450-1400mm material into a 120mm size ore powder, but doesn’t plug
                          2.    High-efficiency. The feeding space is bigger, and the stay time of the raw is longer.
                          3.    Box-type breaker is able to classify the ore particle size according to customer requirement exactly.
                          4.    Mechanical property is stable and reliable.
                           Box-type Crusher Technical parameter:
                          Model PC600 PC800 PC1000 PC1200
                          Rotor speed( 600-800 650-750 650-750 600-750
                          Max feeding size(mm) 550 780 780 800
                          Finished particle size(mm) ≦50 ≦50 ≦50 ≦50
                          capacity (t/h) 30-50 40-80 50-100 100-160
                          Powder(KW) 40-55 75-90 90-110 110-132
                          Weight( kg) 4200 4800 6500 8300
                          Note: This specification is just referencing, any changes are subject to the products.